North-East Martial Arts
Welcome . . .

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to North-East Martial Arts Fun & Fitness.    North-East
teaches the art of Isshin-Ryu Karate (ish-shin-roo) and is
dedicated to the teachings of Tatsuo Shimabuku.

Our Main Goal is to teach the three R’s: Respect for Oneself,
Responsibility for One’s Actions, and Respect for Others.

Other programs Goals are Physical Fitness, Life Skills, and Self

“Physical Fitness” -   Martial Arts is a good source of exercise that
also teaches skills.  It can improve cardiovascular endurance,
flexibility, balance, strength and, overall reduction in obesity
amongst children.

“Life Skills” -   We motivate and reinforce what is already being
taught at home and school by including discipline, self-control,
patience, confidence, courage, respect and responsibility.

“Self Defense” – Our focus while still teaching self-defense
movements is to work on conflict resolution, personal
responsibility and learning how to avoid placing yourself in an
unsafe situation.

Please feel to contact me, if you have any questions regarding our
program. Our program is year-long with each session being 8
weeks in duration.  I hope that you visit our website for more
information about the school and Session dates.


Sensei Judie Wallen